About Miazma

Miazma-bioMiazma has, in the present form, existed since the fall of ’99. It originally started out back in early ’97 as a techno duo consisting of Kristian Olofsson and Tomas Tornevall, but due to the difference in musical influences Tomas left the project to pursue a solo career.

Miazma has since the split evolved towards a darker style of music but remnance of the techno from which Miazma was based can still be heard in many of the songs…

The first example of this new sound was made available with the release of “Judgement Day” in June 2001. It featured 7 tracks and, at the time, a fresh blend of electro-industrial metal. In December of 2002 “17” was released. This was somewhat of a step away from the harder electrometal. In August 2004 “Shattered” picked up where “Judgement Day” left off. Miazma was back again with 9 heavy tracks where the style from the 2001 release was taken to another level.

In september 2007 “Dollar Rush” was released, featuring 13 tracks continuing the always ongoing evolution of Miazma…

August 2011, after four years of silence and ten years after the very first release Miazmas fifth album “Dressed in black” was made available, and for the first time, was also made available for purchase in addition to being free. This time around there is 11 tracks taking the sound from “Dollar Rush” another step forward.

In February 2014 the first ever physical CD is released through Gothic Music Records. This is a limited edition anthology compilation CD containing 19 tracks chosen by Oskar Terramortis which includes tracks from Shattered, Dollar Rush, Dressed in black and four new tracks. All the tracks selected from previous releases have been remastered.